Death to “Should”!

Far too often, I have thought, “I should …” and it ended up just being a word of procrastination. As if thinking that I

Time to get rid of the “should” in my life!

“should” do something was just as good as doing it!  And in some ways, it did give me a small sense of satisfaction in just thinking about the thing I “should” be doing …and then finding a reason not to do it now.

Recent events, however, have brought me starkly against “should”.  I should have gone out to visit a dear friend more often! It’s not “too late” but sooner and more often would have been so much better! But I always find excuses. Put in perspective, I’m pretty sure almost none of them were very good.

And I can dwell on that, or I can learn from it! So learn from it I shall.

Every time I start to use the word “should”, I take a look at it.

Should I?

Most of the time I think I should do something, I probably should. Very few can I toss aside outright, but some I do have to put aside for a more appropriate time.

For the most part the question is: Can I do something about this right now?

If the answer is “Yes” then why not just do it? Some things only take a minute and I have the ability (often read as “technology”) right at my fingertips. Send an email or a text often falls in this category.

If the answer is “No. I should do this, but I can’t right now.” then I can set a reminder to do it at a particular time.

And some things are just ongoing… Like eating right…

…or writing at least one blog entry every day on one of my various projects.

First Step to “Should” Independence!

Whenever I “should” do something, either just DO IT, or take a definitive step towards that goal. And this very blog post is my first step towards my commitment to writing that new blog post every day!

So, no more “should”! Definitive plans and actions!

I get tired just thinking about it.

Maybe I “should” go to bed! It is after 1:00am, so…



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