Hello (again) world!

If spring is the time of renewal, I guess that’s what’s prompting this reboot of the site.

In reality, it’s been prompted by the realization that I can’t focus on only one thing at a time. I have to set everything up and I can flow from one to the other.

To that end, I’m rebooting Computer and Tech Stuff (which is where I’ll be sharing my views on computer and technology), Be Stupider (a blog and clothing concept) and continuing to forge ahead with HubbleGum Cards (my attempt to create “The Official Trading Cards of Science!”™ because the world simply needs more science!)

Check them out and you will find them in various states of dis-repair. At least for a little while. It took me some time to figure out that I just needed to work on everything at once.

I’ve got a couple more things in the offing, but those three will keep me hopping for now… Along with this site here. And whatever else springs to mind! LOL!

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who cares to.



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